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Clarity is not a vendor. We are a stakeholder in your success. 

Clarity enhances critical communications capabilities with services that bring new horsepower and creativity to your organization.

Brand StrategyLaunches + New Market EntriesCrisis Readiness + ResponsePressEvents + Sports PartnershipsSocial Impact with Government, NGOsCustomer AssuranceEmployee EngagementWriting
Brand Strategy
We comprehensively assess your organization’s competitive position and market opportunity to identify the delta between the two. This informs the strategic, integrative communications plan. Our proven messaging process has pointed many clients to unrealized growth targets. Social media, social purpose and sales systems are all factored how we generate new, influencer and customer-facing dialog.
Launches + New Market Entries
Launches are a core Clarity strength. Our versatility ranges from distinguishing culinarians and their restaurants to positioning healthcare and B2B consultants for growth or mergers.
Crisis Readiness + Response
Leaders don’t risk their executive or brand reputation to an improvised crisis response. Clarity deftly navigates a crisis – white collar crime, trademark infringement, fraud, accidents, product liability, and all criminality – and helps clients to reduce their exposure and fallout. We have worked alongside almost every public safety agency. We can help you to anticipate crisis readiness with exclusive insights from some of the most seminal crisis headlines. Whether as your on-camera spokesperson or intensive executive interview coach, advance preparation is a protective shield for your reputation.
We don’t waste our time or your budget bugging journalists, editors, producers or bloggers. That’s why they refer clients to Clarity. Our approach is to be precise in knowing the deep and abiding interests of a writer or producer, the visual content needs of a TV program, applying the quality over quantity approach. More importantly, reporters come to us as helpful connectors to source experts from across the country.
Events + Sports Partnerships
Clarity’s success in planning large, multi-language communications programs is vast and professionally recognized. From band and symphony tours to the Boston Marathon, World Cup and even the Olympics, Clarity has the experience you need to plan thoroughly and execute effectively. Our sports chops hit many organizations: USTA, FIFA, BAA, NFL, MLB, NBA and NHRA.
Social Impact with Government, NGOs
Bring your brand new, influential social impact purpose. We understand nonprofit, CBOs, NGOs and government– all with causes and opportunities for meaningful brand partnerships.
Customer Assurance
Maintaining buyer satisfaction has become even more imperative with social media. Customers look for the personal and empathic voice of your organization when things don’t go as expected. Don’t wait for a looming CPSC product recall for Clarity’s customer communications solutions.  Secure retention of loyal, referral customers and gain a new quality management tool for your company.
Employee Engagement
Workforce ambassadorship is the most potent army of brand advocates under your roof. Too often they are overlooked. Clarity has developed a variety of team building, customer service training and internal staff engagement programs that make employees feel valued, and harness the ideas and energy of employees at all levels of an organization.
Friendly or formal, Clarity has written in every conceivable format and ghostwritten for CEOs, governors and cabinet officials. Our repertoire includes: Congressional and legislative testimony, websites, crisis and emergency action plans, speeches, editorial board and public hearing presentations, sales kits and brochures, customer relations correspondence, cause advocacy campaign letters, sales and capabilities presentations, institutional ads, outbound phone scripts and others.