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Reviving a Century Old Lab Sciences Co. Leads to Acquisition

 Simplifying the Business of Science™ Attracted Customers and Suitors



When two veteran science lab supply executives traded top posts at the global leader for their vision to rejuvenate one of America’s original laboratory product and test equipment suppliers, some were questioning the business opportunity. Despite ample agencies in their career Rolodexes, the duo entrusted Clarity to bridge decades in order to update the brand, its story, and to position it as having the best of both generations: a bygone approach to customer service with the product library and delivery speed that labs curing disease and charting scientific breakthroughs demand.


To compete in the fast digital retail arena, Clarity advocated for a brand that would be built for apps and cut through the sea of angular blue and red logos. Our brand palette was fresh, employed colors familiar of the promising pharma and life sciences customer sectors, and softened. The new tagline plainly stated a value proposition that was universally desired: we make your job easier by simplifying what you do. While setting the expectation for the robust ecommerce website to come, Clarity announced the return of the company to the customer and investor markets.


MacBick’s brand revival attracted the intended industry attention and most importantly, was the catalyst for a sales resurgence by laboratory equipment buyers across the Northeast’s influential scientific, academic and pharma researchers. Flush with new options for the business and themselves, an acquisition proposal by a venerable company of greater size and national reach capitalized new ventures for the entrepreneurs and validated their investments in marketing and ecommerce infrastructure.