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 From Typewriters to Office Efficiency & Digital Consulting

 Transformative Rebranding Ignites Revenue Growth, Expansion.



When Advanced Business Machine came to Clarity from RI, rooted in its 50-year typewriter repair heritage, the downsizing office copier and printer leasing company was facing a midlife crisis, irrelevance in the shift to office efficiency analytics. Its obsolete name and offering was ideal for government and education, but nebulously targeted ‘business’ customers. Dwarfed by a sea of Goliath brands also with red logos – Staples, Canon, IKON, OKI, Office Depot, Toshiba, WB Mason, Sharp – the company had failed to adapt to technology-driven marketplace and as a reseller, was competing with its product manufacturers.


A comprehensive primary and secondary research effort informed us about vertical and regional expansion as well as how to be distinct in amid dense competition. We announced INNOVEX –innovating ‘office’ excellence – a tech-centric color palette anchored with a color-matched ‘ON’ power button catapulted the company into a new tech domain. ‘Printologists’ replaced ‘service techs.’ Highway sponsor signs and branded service vans brought INNOVEX up the very interstates with HQs of two giant competitors. Decentralized sectors that would have bypassed the old company became fertile ground: healthcare, government, retail complexes and education.


Today INNOVEX has expanded into Boston’s financial district, has diversified its technology consulting offerings through organic and acquisition, and reported fiscal quarter increase of 25% against a down economy compared to the previous year. Bullish hiring forecasts made at its grand reopening event have been eclipsed. The brand transformation has taken hold, anchored by Clarity’s brand transformation which and ignited new growth potential.