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Recipe for Success: Debut Restaurateur Becomes Coastal New England’s ‘Rising Star’

 Ceia Kitchen +Bar, Followed by BRINE, Pave The Way for Boston



Industry watchers wouldn’t have predicted the meteoric rise of Caswell Restaurant Group. A first-time, young restaurateur. Newburyport, 50-miles outside of the media capital of Boston. A debut restaurant with an easily mispronounced name. Opening during the year-end holidays and harsh winter. An unknown executive chef. Fledgling proprietor Nancy Batista-Caswell found Clarity through journalists and other restaurateurs. She brought us in early and entrusted us with making her vision an award-worthy reality.


Clarity advised and helped to evolve culinary and stories, starting with teaching the phonetic pronunciation of Ceia (pr. Say-ah) or ‘supper’ in Nancy’s Portuguese lineage. Expanding Ceia’s culinary map allowed us to connect the heritage of flavors and culinary techniques to their Coastal European origins. We landed to invitations to cook at the James Beard House, a mark of excellence. We parlayed this into the launch of BRINE, and more formally, the operating company. No advertising, just pure, integrated PR.  


Caswell Restaurant Group is one of New England’s most bankable restaurant operators, its reputation for culinary excellence known from NYC and up the Northeast seaboard. Its ‘Best of Boston’ restaurants and Wine Spectator-rated wine list transcend any singular chef personality. MA State Travel & Tourism agency chose Ceia and BRINE to represent contemporary dining excellence from a massive list of restaurants. Powered by editorial coverage and awards, the company is poised to expand into Boston holding a singular and coveted career distinguisher: StarChefs’ ‘Rising Star Restaurateur’ for Coastal New England.